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Copenhagen E-Bike Tours offer you memorable experiences of Copenhagen! Come out to our address on Langelinie alle 56, 2100 Copenhagen and be greeted by one of our passionate tour guides. We start with a quick demonstration of how to ride the e-bike and then you get your radio equipment & helmet – and away we go!

Bring your sunny mood – because one thing we cannot guarantee is the sunshine – only that you won’t regret trying one of tours 🙂

We start out in the brand new developed area of Freeport / Langelinie where your guide will highlight this new and buzzing area of the city. Thereafter you are soon on your way to all the iconic sights of the city – especially The Little Mermaid! You will thoroughly enjoy the route we have planned for you.

To highlight just a few main areas and sights you will visit:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Gefion Fountain
  • The Citadel
  • The Queen’s current and former residence
  • Christiansborg
  • The Nationalbank
  • Christianshavn
  • Christiania
  • The latin quarter around the main shopping street
  • The King’s New Square
  • Nyhavn
  • And much much more!

This is how we do it


A) Starting & stopping from our location in Freeport /Langelinie: Langelinie alle 56, 2100 Copenhagen.

B) Arrive 10 min earlier to your tour start: We get you suited and booted with a helmet & radio

C) Your tour begins!


From 525 DKK / €70 pr. person

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    guided tour copenhagen

    Guided Tours in Copenhagen

    Whenever you have vacation days or days off, it always seems impossible to decide what you are going to do with yourself. Remember vacations or off days are meant for you to relax, recharge, reconnect with your friends and family or explore to learn more about the world we live in. One of the most challenging parts is picking a destination or activity to visit or do respectively. If you are interested in traveling, then a guided tour in Copenhagen is the best choice or at least be on the top of your world tour list.

    Why A Copenhagen City Tour?

    Most people just recognize Copenhagen as the capital city of Denmark. What most of you aren’t aware of is that Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful, cultural, and historic cities in the world. Don’t forget Copenhagen is regarded as the world’s happiest city. If it’s your first time in the city, you don’t have to worry since you can use guided tours in Copenhagen. We also offers private tours in Copenhagen. This city has lots of things to offer that will make you fall in love with it, such as beaches, culture, art galleries, city tour, biking tours, museums, and various historical sites. Some of the most renowned parts of the city that you can visit include:

    • Christianshavn – Are you a history buff, food lover, or a lover of water travel? If yes, then Christianshavn is the part of Copenhagen you should visit during a guided tour. Located on artificial islands, this part of Copenhagen is separated from the city center by the Inner Harbour. This part of the city consists of world-renowned restaurants and cafes serving the best Danish pastries. The different colored houses and idyllic canals give this part of town a view that is to die for. This section of the city is also a cultural hub that will offer you a cultural experience of a lifetime. The streets in these parts of the city allow you to experience the city with a different view, especially when you are on a bike.
    • The Latin quarter – Latin quarter is fondly regarded as the city’s soul and a must visit on your city tour. The name results from it being a learning center, and as we know, the ancient scholars preferred the use of the Latin language. This section of the city is packed with breathtaking views, such as the ancient architecture that is evident from the old buildings that make up most of this district, the tiny, elegant streets, and the picturesque canals. This part of the city is also home to the Royal Danish theatre, while the square and the streets are always alive all year long with activities ranging from jazz music to parachuting into the lakes and outdoor ice-skating rinks. The best choice for moving around in this section of the city is on a bike.
    • Christiania – Christiani a is one of the most popular districts in Copenhagen and also popular for a guided tour. Some of the most well-renowned sights and places you must visit while in this district include the music venues in Freetown, the Green Light District, the art galleries, and the cafes and restaurants. For memories, you can also find souvenirs of this part of Copenhagen like t-shirts and jewelry. Also, the scenery in this part of the city is so ideal for photography. The diversity of this district makes it so welcoming to outsiders since you can find at least one representative of any culture in Europe and probably the world.

    The city of Copenhagen is so magnificent that you have to take your time so that you can be able to fully experience its beauty. The best way to achieve this is through a city tour on a bike. The reasons why exploring the city of Copenhagen by bike, especially e-bikes, include:

    It Is the Most Bike-Friendly City in The World

    Recent reports have shown that the number of bicycles in Copenhagen outnumbers the number of cars at a ratio of five to one. This is a result of the network of paths that have been specifically allocated to cyclists. These paths consist of innovative bridges that form cycling superhighways across the city. These cycling paths allow you to reach any part of the city, thus allowing you to fully explore the city without the restrictions that cars face.

    With bicycles, the level of congestion or traffic jams is significantly reduced, allowing you to experience every part of the city without cramming up your daily schedule to avoid traffic jams like the ones experienced in most cities. If it’s your first time in the city, you should book our guided tours in Copenhagen. If you have your family or friends with you, you can also sign up for our private tours in Copenhagen.

    The government of Denmark is fully committed and strongly advocates for the use of bicycles, especially e-bikes, while in the city through various means such as allocating funds for the construction of more bicycle paths, parking stands, and the collection of abandoned bikes. This move will make the city of Copenhagen even more accessible to you. Most of the capital’s best-kept secrets are deeply hidden in areas that aren’t accessible by cars hence making biking the best means of transportation when exploring the city.

    Copenhagen Guided Tours By E-bike – Healthy & Environmentally Friendly

    Over the past decade, poor health choices have become among the leading causes of death for human beings. One way to deal with this problem is through regular exercise, and what better way to exercise than exercising with a view. Once you visit Copenhagen, you’ll find that the city is filled with cycling paths and bicycle parking stands. Whenever you feel like burning up some calories, you can decide to take the bike. In recent years governments have been advocating for the reduction of the level of harmful gasses released into the atmosphere. So why not take this chance and help conserve the only home we have, especially with e-bikes. Check out our guided tours and contact us today to make your stay in Copenhagen an unforgettable experience.

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    Tour Attractions

    We have specifically devised a great route straight from our shop in LANGELINIE 56 to the main city center, so you get to see the very most! On our 2 hour tour you will cover the Little Mermaid, The Queen's Palace, Nyhavn & Kongens Nytorv - to name a few. We will even make it over to Christianshavn with a stop in the middle at Christiania and then of course Christiansborg Palace - and much much more! You will have a blast on our guided tours - all our guides are passionate about delivering memorable moments of Copenhagen to each of our guests.

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