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Frequently asked questions

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What are the heights of the e-bikes?

The ELVIRA e-bike saddles can be adjusted, the lowest, to the total height from floor to saddle = 160 cm.

As we are talking about saddles – we again need to mention that we have a very comfortable seating option here for you with our Elvira E-bikes 🙂 

Coming from a cruise ship or with the DFDS ferry?

If you are arriving from a cruise ship at Ocean Quay then we are only a 10 min taxi ride away. If you are coming with the DFDS ferry, we are in walking distance; more accurately a mere 2 minutes. We are ideally located for all cruise ship guests wanting to jump on an e-bike tour or rent a few bikes. This is perfect if you only have a day before your cruise leaves again.  

Can we bring our kids along? And at what age can kids get their own bike?

You easily bring your toddlers or smaller kids with you. When you book there is always an option to add a cargo trailer or a childs seat. The cargo bike will hold up to two kids with max age of 8 years. The child seat will hold one child with max age of 8 years. To be able to ride our Elvira bikes, you would need to be XX tall. 

Can we start or stop from other locations?

We do provide this option for an extra fee. Please contact us if you want us to drop off or pick up your e-bike rental. For tours we only start or stop at other locations for private tours. All the prices you see quoted on our website are for our rentals and tours that are based at our address on Amerika Plads number 33 (Plesner building). If you are doing a rental of our e-bikes then you would have to come to us for pick-up and drop-off.

For our tours, starting and stopping is also from our location on Amerika Plads number 33 (Plesner building).

If you are booking a private tour or a company event at a different location, transport of our e-bikes can be arranged for an extra fee. Please call or email us directly with what you have in mind and we can give you an exact quote. 

What if we have rented e-bikes and are delayed?

If you have rented our e-bikes and are delayed for your pick up during opening hours for day rentals – the delay will go towards your rental period. Please note that if you are not able to pick-up the e-bike during opening hours on the 1st day of your rental, your rental period will start 10.30am the following day. No refunds nor extensions are given in such cases. If you are delayed for your drop off then pr extra hour begun there is an extra fee of 195 kr / hour per bike. If it is after closing time you are delayed and cannot hand the e-bike in before the day after then there is a fixed late-fee of 450 kr. If you are late for pick-up then you would have to settle your fee before being able to get the bikes and if you are delayed for delivery then you will of course pay this penalty upon arrival with the bikes.  

What are the most important bicycle rules we should be aware of in Copenhagen?

Always keep to your right and make way for other cyclists wanting to overtake you. When you need to make left hand turns in intersections then you cannot turn diagonally with the cars. You will have to go straight across and then wait for the green light signal to go over again. For a more visual explanation then please see:

Using your phones while e-biking is also prohibited and you can get a fine should the police catch you. If you need to take pictures then make a full stop and do so.

Wearing safety helmets are not a requirement but at your own discretion, personal need for comfort safety. We do recommend it especially if you are not used to biking. We will always be advocates of putting your safety first and therefore helmets are included in all tours and rentals. 


Cover many great sights of Copenhagen on one of our E-bike tours

Only 495 DKK pr person for a 2 HR experience you will never forget! 

Cover much more grounds than with a normal bike!

Tours by professional locals

All our guides are local experts and love everything Copenhagen. They always know what is going on in the city and their true passion is showing visitors, locals and tourists just how magical it is.

Personable guided tours

Our guided tours are kept small and intimate so you almost get the feeling that it is your own private tour. We never exceed more than 15 people per e-bike tour and thereby you are always in close proximity to your guide.

Off the beaten track

We show you parts of Copenhagen you didn’t know about and the regular Copenhagen tours won’t be able to cover. On an e-bike we will have the time to go into cute courtyards and the small side streets while still covering the more grand sights of Copenhagen that are a must-see. Book a tour now and experience it for yourself!